Students Applying for Fall 2023

We know that as a result of COVID-19, you may have experienced changes and/or disruptions to your academic plan. We hope that the FAQs below will help you as you prepare to apply to Fordham.

Will Fordham require standardized testing from Fall 2023 applicants?
No. Beginning with the Fall 2021 entering class, Fordham University made standardized tests —the SAT and ACT—optional through Fall 2024. If you choose to submit a test score, it will be only one among many factors in our academic evaluation of your application. Applicants who choose not to submit test scores will not be penalized for making this choice. Read more about Fordham's test-optional policy.

How will changes to my high school program be viewed by the Committee?
Fordham reviews all applicants holistically and within context. We hope that you have been able to continue on your planned academic path. However, we understand that you may have had curriculum and/or grading changes beyond your control as a result of necessary changes to your instruction due to COVID-19. These changes may include:

  • Graded courses changed to Pass/Fail
  • Changes in academic rigor due to lack of offerings (e.g. an AP class changed to a regular track class)
  • Inability to continue with dual enrollment courses
  • Final grade calculations based on academic assessments in lieu of exams (i.e. IB, GCSE, IGCSE, AS Level, A Level)

The above changes will not impact our offer of admission, as long as you still meet your requirements for high school graduation.

For international applicants, the admission committee recognizes that final results may be different from previously submitted predicted results due to changes to the evaluation criteria.

I am applying Early Action/Early Decision. Is there anything you recommend I should do?
If COVID-19 negatively impacted your high school program, you may wish to consider submitting first quarter or first trimester grades or earliest predicted results as available. These updates may arrive through November 16.

We strongly recommend that Regular Decision and Priority Performance applicants submit midyear grades when they become available.

Predicted IB and A Level results are required for all Regular Decision and Priority Performance applicants.

Will the TOEFL iBT Home Edition and IELTS Indicator offered online be accepted to meet the English language proficiency exam requirement for non-native English speakers?
Yes, results from both temporary at-home exam options offered during suspension of in-person testing will be accepted.