Fordham Non Credit High School Programs

For rising freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.

Impact Innovation High School Scholars Program

Learn how to design entrepreneurial solutions that address the social, economic, and environmental problems that affect the world today. 

July 31-August 4

Musical Theatre High School Workshop

Learn from Emmy- and Grammy- Winning artists this summer at Fordham’s Musical Theatre Workshop

July 10th-13th

STEM Bootcamp: Future Leaders of AI

An exciting five-day, online bootcamp to introduce high school students to AI tools.

July 24th-28th

Real Estate Institute Summer High School Scholars Program

The REI is offering a non-credit Summer High School Scholars Program. Enhance your college portfolio and learn how real estate really works at Fordham's Lincoln Center campus in NYC. Learn more about this non-credit summer program.

Gabelli Business Programs for High School Students

If you are interested in a non-credit option, consider the week-long Summer Business Programs and/or Exploring Entrepreneurship programs offered through the Gabelli School of Business.