Contact the Office of Research

Fordham University Office of Research
Collins Hall, Box #6
441 E Fordham Road
Bronx, NY 10458
Phone: 718-817-0027

Z. George Hong, PhD
Chief Research Officer and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Office of the Provost, Cunniffe House, Room 219
Phone: 718-817-0029

David M. Heston
Program Coordinator
Phone: 718-817-2608

Tihana Abiala, MBA
Associate Director for Research Initiatives
RH Phone: 718-817-0028
Fax: 718-817-0030

Rebecca Franco, MPH
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
RH Phone: 718-817-4086
LC Phone: 212-636-7946 (Mondays Only)
Fax: 718-817-5575

Beth Munnelly
Research Support Staff
Phone: 718-817-0027 

Rogel Nuguid, MS, MLA
Grants Officer
Phone:  718-817-4651

Beth Torres, MA
Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs 
Phone: 718-817-0861

Michele Kuchera, MBA
Director, Institutional Review Board
Phone: 718-817-0876
Fax: 718-817-0030

Yi Ding, PhD
Chair, University Research Council
Phone: 212-636-6743

Edward Dubrovsky, PhD
Chair, Radiation Safety Committee
Phone: 718-817-3660
Fax: 718-817-3645

Craig Frank, PhD
Chair, Institutional Bio-safety Committee
Phone: 914-273-3078 x14

Berish Rubin, PhD
Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Phone: 718-817-3637
Fax: 718-817-2792

Research Integrity Officer
Faculty Senate President