Build Adaptable Infrastructure for STEM Education

Goal 2: Excel Across the Natural and Applied Sciences and Allied Fields to Promote Social Change and Equity

Build adaptable infrastructure for STEM education at the frontiers of technology, particularly in areas where Fordham can distinctively excel

Student looks through microscope while lab partner looks on

Students and faculty deserve the infrastructure necessary for collaborative, interdisciplinary research and teaching in the natural and applied sciences. It is no secret that Fordham’s current facilities lag behind our peers’ and threaten our ability to recruit and retain diverse, outstanding students in STEM and allied fields. Complementing our curriculum and pedagogy, then, must be revitalized facilities for teaching and carrying out research in the sciences. Even as we implement cutting-edge virtual tools to promote student learning and faculty research, we will employ designers and architects to develop a phased, realistic strategy for enhancing Fordham’s STEM infrastructure.

  • Develop and commence a detailed timetable for upgrading scientific instrumentation, supporting high-performance cloud-based computing, and renovating facilities
  • Deploy virtual and simulation-based learning technologies to complement the necessary physical infrastructure for novel STEM educational programs and research