Urban Plunge Program Details

Urban Plunge introduces first-year students to Fordham and the New York City area by exposing them to the grounding principles of the Jesuit Mission and employing the Ignatian paradigm of experiential learning. Urban Plunge provides students with a three-day intensive orientation to the core values of the University through direct engagement with the Bronx and New York City communities.

 The Jesuit Educational Mission calls us to seek “a life beyond self” and to hone a “bothered excellence” that leads us to be agents of change in our society. The Urban Plunge program hopes to lay the groundwork for students to more deeply embrace these values over their four years at Fordham and beyond.

Examine the socio-economic issues facing communities in New York City in the field    

Learn how to responsibly implement concepts from readings, discussions, and reflections into hands-on work with various community organizations focusing on key social issues in pursuit of well-educated solidarity

Explore the history and current relationships between Fordham and New York City’s communities

Critically analyze the history of New York City through an anti-oppression and anti-racism lens

Gain foundational experience to advance “the service of faith and the promotion of justice"

Questions? Concerns? Contact The Urban Plunge Team at urbanplunge@fordham.edu.

Urban Plunge 2022 welcomed new President Tania Tetlow to the Bronx, as she joined Urban Plunge participants at Drew Gardens, Tremont Neighborhood Action Center, P.O.T.S. (Part of the Solution) and the Webster Avenue Clean-up site.