Global Outreach Spring Projects

Fordham students in detroit


GO! Remote - Dominican Republic:

GO! DR is a virtual immersion with the Carribbean Social Immersion Program (CSIP). With CSIP, students will learn more about bi-national relations between the DR and Haiti, as well as be exposed virtually to the realities of rural migrant workers and rural youth in the country. 

GO! Remote - Chicago:

GO! Chicago is a virtual immersion with the Brother Darst Center in Chicago. The team will meet with the partner and partner organizations during their formation to learn about anti-racism through the LGBTQ+ lens through the work the Brother Darst Center does. 

GO! Remote - El Salvador:

GO! El Salvador partners with Crispaz, a faith-based organization dedicated to building bridges of solidarity between the poor and marginalized communities in El Salvador and communities like Fordham through immersion-learning experiences. Students are invited to share in the lives and stories of the People of El Salvador while learning about the nation’s history of political turmoil and how it relates to current political issues in the United States today. The project will focus on how this political unrest led to both a destructive civil war and to the process of peace building in El Salvador, and will teach students how to work for justice rather than for charity and to understand their role as a global citizen.

GO! NY - Bronx is Blooming:

GO! NY Based - Bronx is Blooming partners with the Bronx is Blooming to learn about environmental justice in the Bronx. The team will meet with our partners during their formation process to learn about environmental racism, invasive species, environmental stewardship, and urban water systems. The team will spend three weekends throughout the semester working with Bronx is Blooming at parks around the Bronx. 

GO! NY - Housing Insecurity Post Coronavirus:

GO! NY Based - Housing Insecurity Post Coronavirus is working with a variety of partners in New York to understand the housing insecurity reality presented by the coronavirus pandemic. Students will spend three weekends working with partners in person to engage with these realities.