Global Outreach

What is GO!?

Student Overlooking City

Global Outreach (¡GO!) is a service and cultural immersion program rooted in social justice awareness and community engagement. Global Outreach projects are driven by Fordham’s Jesuit mission of cultivating diverse leaders in a global society.
Projects allow students to directly connect with communities in the United States and around the world while learning about systems of inequality and focusing on anti-oppression and anti-racism work.

Since our first immersion project sending 27 students to Mexico in 1962, our mission has been to engage with, be challenged by, and further evolve Fordham’s longstanding global partnerships. We employ an asset-based approach to community development, working with our partners to work with us to identify community-driven solutions. Through these relationships, students understand and wrestle with social justice, solidarity, spirituality, and their Jesuit education.

In Global Outreach, we seek to nurture civically-minded leaders for a global society who work for justice and solidarity in the world while being committed to lifelong learning and holistic transformation. As a program, GO! values an ongoing commitment to sustainable relationships, anti-racism, solidarity, environmentalism and sustainability, community engagement, global citizenship, cultural exchange, education, and multiculturalism.

We run projects on three cycles: winter, spring, and summer. Each project is led by a team leader and has ten spots for participants. In addition to the team leader, teams will be accompanied by a project chaperone. Teams will undergo a sustained formation process prior to immersion, co-created by CCEL staff and the global partner, to lend to holistic spiritual, academic, and ethical learning and developmental growth.




Arizona *Kino Border Initiative


El Salvador *Curran Center

Chicago *Honors Program 

Dominican Republic



El Paso

El Salvador








St. Thomas


North Carolina *Gabelli School of Business 

San Diego/Tijuana


Puerto Rico

South Africa

**Costs Include Airfare, Lodging, Transportation, and Program Fee


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